Technicians On-Demand

New Location Build-out

Expanding your well-established brand into new locations. Opening your first brick and mortar storefront. Creating an atmosphere that attracts loyal customers. Whatever the stage of your business expansion, VDS Networks provides a full-suite of technology infrastructure solutions to get your business ready for your grand opening.

VDS Networks provides a lifecycle of IT deployment services for new stores throughout North America. Our services conform to local, federal, and OSHA code requirements, and can be installed in-conjunction with other site activities in order to keep your new construction project timeline on track. Key benefits for new stores include:

  • Technology Deployment Specialists trained to create an IT strategy for your store
  • World-class project management methodologies
  • A reliable network of thousands of technicians located throughout North America
  • Centralized dispatch center
  • Staging and integration center
  • Highly responsive customer care

Your new store needs reliable IT infrastructure. From laying the cable that powers your network to installing the best end-user systems for your unique needs, you deserve a technology partner with both expertise and integrity. At VDS Networks, we put our customer’s interests first to ensure your technology supports your goals and helps to improve your bottom line from day one.