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Energy Management

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important topic of conversation across every industry. Shifting regulations and consumer awareness campaigns are putting pressure on companies to implement initiatives for going green. Many businesses are recognizing the potential for reducing costs and their environmental footprint by reducing energy consumption.

Whether you’re looking to increase your sales, support marketing campaigns, or simply cut costs, energy management systems can help you achieve your goal.

Energy Management Systems utilize a computer system designed for the automated control and monitoring of electromechanical facilities in buildings that yield significant energy consumption, such as heating, ventilation, and lighting installations. The data obtained from these systems can then be used to perform self-diagnostic tests and optimization routines on a frequent basis. Additionally, it can be used to produce trend analysis and annual consumption forecasts. Current trends include:

  • Temperature control units
  • Solar power
  • Motion-sensing and time-controlled systems (lighting, HVAC, refrigeration)